Scouts from the 1st Catforth took part in some fundraising for Red Nose Day as part of a Blue Peter Challenge! The BBC approached them, asking if they would like to be filmed for the Red Nose Special on 15th March.

On Friday 1st March, Blue Peter launched there Red Nose Day Challenge in that the presenters (Abby, Joel & Shini) needed to race the length of the UK to light up three famous landmarks ‘Red to Toe’ completing mini challenges along the way to be awarded 3 new designs of red noses. Each of the red noses were to become a key to switch on the lights at each of the three landmarks, at which point once all three landmarks (Glasgow Hydro, Blackpool Tower & The London Eye) had been lit up successfully the challenge would be complete.

One of those mini challenges involved Scouts from the 1st Catforth Scout Group. After the presenters had completed the challenge, they were awarded their next ‘Red Nose Key’ and then set off to Blackpool to light up the tower Red!

Alongside completing there mini challenge, the presenters sat down the Beavers, Cubs & Young Leaders and took part in some of the activities they were to doing as part of their fundraising efforts for Red Nose Day!

See what Annabel thought of the day below:

“It was a fun and eye opening experience to take part in and everyone was enjoying it. The presenters and BBC Crew were very friendly and took the time to talk to people and everyone engaged in the activities that were set out! The beavers and cubs had an excellent time, and thoroughly enjoyed taking part”

Annabel, Young Leader, 1st Catforth Scouts

As the filming took place at a few days notice, and a couple of weeks before the programme, the whole group was sworn to secrecy and subject the a publicity embargo. The children and leaders had a great time seeing what goes on behind the scenes. Some of the cubs were interviewed by the presenters even though the footage didn’t make it onto the screen. Joel helped to make cupcakes, Abby painted posters and Shini found the red nose craft very therapeutic. The Beavers also enjoyed showing Joel how to play their game. It’s amazing what’s involved for a few minutes of TV!

Of course, most importantly, they are all now holders of a Blue Peter Badge!

If you missed the episode, you can watch it by clicking here to visit BBC iPlayer

Pictures from the day can be seen below: