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Volunteer Expectations & Realities

Volunteer expectations

Everyone who volunteers with Scouting within Mersey Weaver is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. You have a right to:

  • accurate information on scouting at local and national level
  • a clear description of the role you have taken on
  • a safe working environment
  • negotiate a choice of roles and tasks on a flexible basis
  • a named person (volunteer Line Manager), you can go to for advice, support and peer mentoring and a Training Adviser
  • protection from exploitation by other volunteers and service users 
  • be able to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty 
  • have your contribution valued by all areas of the organisation
  • receive constructive feedback on your contribution
  • have opportunities to develop skills
  • have opportunities for training
  • have local scouting deal with disciplinary and grievance matters
  • volunteer in a friendly atmosphere
  • have fun.

Volunteer responsibilities

In return, you are required to abide by the ‘Adult Code of Conduct’ described elsewhere on this page.

You will also find details here on following procedures related to Safety, Safeguarding, Diversity, Risk assessments, Training, Data Protection (GPDR) and Vetting.

You should also:

  • wear Scout Association uniform as appropriate to your role.
  • refrain from public criticism of scouting.
  • avoid revealing any confidences entrusted to you in the course of your day to day volunteering (i.e. things discussed at team or Executive Committee meetings).
  • enjoy yourself and encourage others who may be interested in volunteering with Scouting.

Further details on all these policies can be found in the current edition of The Policy, Organisation & Rules of The Scout Association (