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The Mutual Agreement

All new appointments within Scouting involve a number of responsibilities and commitments and everyone taking on a new role will have hopes and expectations. Some of these will be realised and some won’t. Therefore, a realistic compromise needs to be worked out and we call this a ‘mutual agreement’.

The success and quality of the partnership between our new adults and Scouting will ultimately depend on how open it is. From the outset, the mutual agreement needs to explain what we expect from you and what you expect from Scouting. We also need to be clear about what help and support Scouting can provide you in your role.

The agreement is a step towards this and covers the principal aspects of volunteering with Scouting in Mersey Weaver but you will need to discuss more local matters with your line manager.

A good mutual agreement consists of:

  1. a description of the role you have agreed to undertake,
  2. the specific tasks involved and the time we expect them to take,
  3. details of the support required and expected,
  4. an agreed date when we will review the agreement,
  5. an understanding that you, as a new person to scouting, accept the fundamentals of Scouting and this volunteer agreement,
  6. what we hope to offer to you.