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Scout Speak (Glossary)

Adventurous Activity Notification (AAN)Whenever taking part in activities of an adventurous nature or which takes place outside of the HQ we ask that you notify the District Commissioner
Assistant District Commissioner (ADC)An Assistant District Commissioner is a key role which has responsibility for ensuring that adult leaders working directly with young people are supported and that a quality programme is being delivered. Each ADC has a specific area of responsibility or expertise.
Annual General Meeting (AGM)An Annual General Meeting, commonly referred to as an AGM, is a formal meeting which is held once a year. It is an opportunity to review the year and deal with issues such as the election of committee/board members and review the annual accounts. Although it is a formal meeting, it can also be a good opportunity to communicate with members, parents and host a social event.
Appointments ProcessThe purpose of the appointment process is to ensure that all adults that the Movement accepts as volunteers
are appropriate persons to volunteer with The Scout Association.  Namely, that they are appropriate for the roles they are undertaking, that they fully accept the responsibilities of the roles and, where appropriate, the responsibilities of membership of The Scout Association. There are three stages of the process: Application, Approval, Appointment.
Charity CommissionRegulatory body established to support charities in England.
CompassNational Scout Adult membership system.
ComplianceCompliance is a measure of risk and exec Committees should use the reports to monitor leaders.
Disclosure (DBS)Certain roles within Scouting require a Disclosure (or criminal records) check to be completed as part of the Appointments Process.
District Commissioner (DC)Manages and supports the Scout District to ensure it runs effectively and that Scouting within the District develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association.
District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC) Manages and supports all Explorer units in the District.
Emergency General Meeting (EGM)Similar to an AGM. Very occasionally an EGM may need to be held where approval may need to be sought by the Scout Council.
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulations.
Executive CommitteeAdults who manage the administration of the Scout Group on behalf of the Group Scout Council and act as trustees POR 3.b. See below for POR.

The committee consists of:

Ex-officio members
Nominated members
Elected members
Co-opted members
Scout CouncilAdult members of the Group, parents of Group members and Scout Patrol leaders are part of the Scout Council. The Group’s Exec Committee act on behalf of the Scout Council.
POR 3.a.1
Group Scout Leader (GSL)Person appointed by the District Commissioner to manage the Group.
InTouch processInTouch is the system used to manage communications at all Scout activities and events. It is flexible to allow those organising events to implement a system best suited to their particular circumstances. See HQ factsheet for more information.
Local Training Manager (LTM)The local training manager line manages and supports Training advisers. In Mersey Weaver they also organise the First Aid Training and Getting Started courses. A key part of the LTM is about the development of training and identifying local needs.
Nights Away Notification (NAN)Whenever taking part in Nights Away experience we ask that you notify the District Commissioner
Online Scout Manager (OSM) Youth membership system used for all manner of things such as youth data, badge management, event bookings, payments, gift aid etc.
Personal Learning Plan (PLP)A Personal Learning Plan specifies the learning and validation required by that person for their training requirements, including the award of the Wood Badge for those roles to which it applies.
Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR)A set of rules and guidance that define the operation of The Scout Association in the UK.
Red, Amber, Green (RAG) AssessmentRAG (Red, Amber, Green) Assessment is a tool that we can use to identify areas of success and opportunity. It is a great starting point for a development plan.
Risk AssessmentIdentifying potential hazards when participating in Scouting, and how likely these are to cause harm. A detailed description appears elsewhere on this page.
Training AdvisorA person assigned to support an adult undertaking the Adult Training Scheme.
Volunteer Journey The 12 steps of a happy volunteer (video) (video)
Wood badgeThis is awarded to an adult on completion of their core adult training. They are wooden beads worn on a leather thong around the neck.
Young LeaderThis is an Explorer Scout who works as part of the leadership team in one of the first three sections. Young Leaders belong to an Explorer Scout Unit and have a recognised training structure to help them in their leadership role.