Ed Bettess

District Chairperson

From a wealth of fabulous scouting memories over the last 45 years, if I had to pick one moment….

We are sitting on a beach watching the sun slowly sink into the sea.  The tide has finally come in, marking the end of fantastic day of beach games, swimming and surfing topped off with a barbecue. The sky turns from clear blue to burnt orange to star studded black. Grandes Rocques beach, Guernsey, 2013. It is the last evening of our District camp.

Ten days earlier one hundred young people and thirty adults had climbed aboard a collection of minibuses in a dark and wet Preston car park and set off into the night. Each knew a few of their fellow travellers a little, none knew all.  We abseiled together, we rode horses together, we coasteered together, we ate together, we sang together, we had water-fights together.  But mostly, it was about the friends we made together.

As I think of that moment on the beach, I realise how lucky I was to have been there.  It echoed of a camp over one hundred years earlier on Brownsea Island – the first ever Scouts. Since then the movement has given young people amazing experiences, skills and memories. But mostly, it has been about the friends they made.

After Guernsey, many would go on to tackle even bigger challenges and adventures. All had gained confidence, learnt skills and created memories to carry for the rest of their lives.  The leaders rightly proud the months of planning, preparation and effort had delivered something truly outstanding.  What an achievement! What a team! What’s next? (The after-parties were amazing!)

As the world reawakens from Covid  I am excited to think of what lies ahead for you. What new adventures will you have?  What new places will you go? What new skills will you learn? What new challenges will you overcome? What new memories will you create?  But mostly, what friends will you make?  

Go make your moments….